My Schedule is Opening Up

Have you all seen the DIRECTV commercial about the guy who is paying too much for cable so he throws things? And then when he throws things his schedule happens to open up, then sooner or later he ends up taking in stray animals? Well, that’s the way I am going to start feeling, besides the paying too much on cable and taking in stray animals part.

Basketball has ended sooner than I had wished, and that means track begins this week. Not all things are looking bad for me though, because on March 7th I am scheduled to have a torn labrum in my shoulder surgically repaired. Recovery should come rather quick (completely healed by June), but that basically takes me out of track and no baseball this summer. So, the rest of my Junior year leading into my Senior season of football is track for a week, shoulder surgery, and then nothing.

That word “nothing” is extremely unappealing. I’m used to playing four sports, nonstop, all-year around, but now I will have at least four months of no major sporting priorities. What am I going to do with my life? My parents will probably expect me to actually get a summer job, or I will have do mother’s chores all summer.

I guess this isn’t all bad. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. A break like this may be needed for a body that has experienced numerous different aches and pains in the past year and a half. All I really hope and pray for is that I am able to avoid taking in stray animals.


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About the author: Jake Fowler

Jake Fowler is a junior at Adams Central High School. He participates in Football, Basketball, and Track & Field. He also plays legion baseball for Hastings. Jake enjoys watching Husker Football and eating pizza.

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