Prom – Round Two

Last week, I wrote about my experiences at the 2012 Adams Central Prom. This week I would like to follow that up by sharing a nice little story about my weekend at another prom in Blue Hill.

Same date but different venue, the second round of prom can easily be considered another weekend to remember. A “Light Up the Night” theme was chosen by the class of 2013 at Blue Hill High School, and the job they did decorating the dance floor came second to none. Balloons littered the floor, glow sticks acted as table centerpieces, and black lights were stationed throughout the dance floor. The girls of the Junior class were definitely proud of their work, while I’m willing to bet the boys were just happy it was done.

Thanks to the chance to refine my dance moves the previous week, I was elated with the opportunity to strut my stuff again (I only dance twice a year tops so don’t ask for an encore). I was also grateful for an opportunity to witness two different hypnotists’ performances. In my opinion, Blue Hill’s post prom hypnotist was slightly better and more comical. The bald-headed man from Orlando had hypnotized kids do things like flex their muscles at the beach, model along the catwalk, and one boy sang along with Justin Beiber’s song “Baby”. While the hypnotists were different in their acts, they both explained the phenomenon of hypnotism in a similar way: You are aware of what you’re doing, but you just don’t care.

I would like to end by apologizing for any lack of spunk in this week’s blog. I think two straight weeks of proms and very little to no sleep on the weekend stands as a valid excuse for any poor vocabulary or grammar. The lack of sleep and heavy eyelids were definitely worth it though, because Adams Central and Blue Hill both put on a great show for us high school kids. So once again, thanks to all the parents and administrators that dedicated their time to make prom a great time.



About the author: Jake Fowler

Jake Fowler is a junior at Adams Central High School. He participates in Football, Basketball, and Track & Field. He also plays legion baseball for Hastings. Jake enjoys watching Husker Football and eating pizza.

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