Adams Central Prom-2012

This past Saturday, April 14, 2012, Adams Central Juniors and Seniors had the opportunity to enjoy the “Enchanting Twilight” prom in the Adams Central old gym. It was a night that started with a dinner of ham and cheesy potatoes at 5:30pm and ended with post prom at 5:00am Sunday morning.

Although I went to a prom last year, this was my first Adams Central prom. The time I had with my date and friends was definitely enjoyable. There were many memorable highlights, but the one from the dance that sticks out the most is a group of guys and I requested a song to the DJ called “Racks” by Young Chris. It isn’t a very well known song, but when this ghetto rap came on, we danced as ghetto as we could while the rest of the people stood with noticeable awkwardness.

Highlighting post prom was undoubtedly the hypnotist’s performance. He started off making it a point that he (the hypnotist) doesn’t actually hypnotize the subjects, but rather the subjects hypnotize themselves. Which in turn meant he couldn’t force a “trance” upon anyone, so that was reassuring. But anyway, the show he put on was absolutely hilarious. The students who “fell asleep” did things including acting as aliens and extracting brains from the parents, settling a dispute between their knees, and arguing with the hypnotist that hypnotism isn’t real. At the conclusion, students that had fallen into the trance could recall everything they did once they took five steps after they were “woken” up. A classmate of mine who had fallen into hypnosis explained the phenomenon by saying she was aware of what she was doing, but she had no control over the commands from the hypnotist. Kind of scary and unbelievable one man can have total control over a group of people like that.

A huge shout out goes the administrative sponsors at the dance, and another one goes to all the Junior parents that stayed up till 5 o’clock Sunday morning helping with the post prom events. Any other volunteers involved with making Adams Central’s prom a huge success (in my opinion) also receive a big thank you from me and all the other students that attended prom.


About the author: Jake Fowler

Jake Fowler is a junior at Adams Central High School. He participates in Football, Basketball, and Track & Field. He also plays legion baseball for Hastings. Jake enjoys watching Husker Football and eating pizza.

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