Do The Brew

With March Madness officially over and the Kentucky Wildcats at the NCAA Men’s Champion, I have already found myself going through withdrawals. No more brackets, overtime, or last-second upsets. So how will I survive without all of the excitement? Well, a strange solution occurred to me: Do The Brew.

The premise for Do The Brew is simple: Try multiple different craft beers from around the region. My tie-in to March Madness withdrawals is…to create a bracket in order to find your favorite beer at the event. For example, try a number of beers head-to-head and repeat until you have two left – then determine a winner! This may seem like a silly way to curb withdrawals from basketball but it is also a great way to support Hastings. Plus I think with gas prices increasing, it is great to be able to have fun and stay in town! Am I right?! In addition, proceeds go to the Hastings Community Arts Council (a good cause).

I think that Do The Brew is a great way to enjoy Hastings (beer bracket or not). Living big is what you make it here in Hastings, and on April 28th, I would encourage those of you interested in trying different beers to come out and enjoy! For more info on how to enjoy this special event, visit

In the meantime, I hope NBA games can help curb my college basketball withdrawals. I won’t count on it though. It’s just not the same…


About the author: Josh Wooster

I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, where I attended Millard West High School. I chose Hastings College because it gave students personal attention, extracurricular options, and music ensembles better than those of other colleges in the state. I am currently the leader of 1-2-5, the men’s a-cappella singing ensemble, while also being a part of the Hastings College Choir and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the men’s music fraternity. Other commitments include being an intern for the Hastings Chamber of Commerce and membership in the Student Environmental Action Coalition and Society for Collegiate Journalists. “Free time” for me involves arranging music for 1-2-5, working at the Lochland Country Club, and searching for a job. I am a jovial spirit with a diligent attitude towards work, and a keen eye for detail. I hope to stick around Hastings after college to work and give back to the city and college that have offered me so much.

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